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Dr. Petra Erler
executive managing director
Tel. +49 (0)331-581 64 69

Professor Günter Verheugen
non-executive managing director
Tel. +49 (0)331-581 64 68
We are convinced that further political and economic integration of Europe is the right answer to the challenges of today and tomorrow. This requires successful enterprises and institutions, which are prepared to explore new avenues. Europe is at its best whenever win-win situations are created. For this reason we want to assist enterprises and institutions to understand the EU even better and to work successfully in the EU. We are committed to partnership, mutual trust and high professionalism.

We support further enlarging the EU with the aim to integrate all those European nations, which are willing and able to meet the high requirements for EU membership. We support European policies, which foster good neighbourly relations and true partnership. This is in the interest of jobs and enterprises in Europe.

We strongly believe that entrepreneurial initiative and socially and environmentally responsible entrepreneurship is indispensible for a social market economy. Small and medium sized enterprises can be sure that we will fully take into account their special interests and needs.

We will not engage in any kind of lobbying activity. We are committed to dialogue, and believe in the right strategy and the strength of the argument.